Anni has studied in arts and crafts oriented high school and taken some additional courses in drawing. Otherwise Anni is self-taught in arts. Anni has organized exhibitions in three different cities and taken part in many joint exhibitions. Her works has been published as calendar and dissertation covers and her illustration was used as a base for a music video animation.


Mystic worlds and the beauty of nature work as vessels for creativity. In her work she often depicts animal skulls, which represent the natural flow of life, not death. As a theme, the circle of life and the balance in nature, is highly visible in her work.

In her work she usually depicts animals and birds which people don't usually like. Yet, these animals have an important part to play in the environment they reside in. For instance, spiders help to control insect populations. Anni takes environmetal issues to heart, and for the best of her knowledge she takes them into account when choosing paints and canvases.


Anni has organized three exhibitions in Joutsa, Jyväskylä and Helsinki:

2009 Alternative reality

Escapism, work inspired by books, movies and music.

2012 Beauty or the Beast

In a society people decide what is right and what is wrong. Is science a threat or a possibility? Is nature important only when we make use of it?

2018 Creepy Crawlies

Series of animals and insects with unique qualities and which are crucial for environmental well-being.

Anni has done custom work in many different techniques and versatile assignments ranging from desinging tattoos to statues. She has done potraits, illustrated song lyrics and designed posters. Anni takes custom work when her other projects allow it. Prices are influenced by the size, colors and how realistic the work should be. Usually designing work starts from 100 €. You can ask for an offer through the contact form or by email: 

Custom Work