Anni dances Tribal Fusion Bellydance which combines different Bellydance techniques and takes influences from various modern dance styles. The versatility, mystic atmosphere and personality of the style attracted Anni to change from traditional Bellydance to Tribal Fusion in 2014. Anni has studied Tribal Fusion Bellydance with numerous different teachers nationally and internationally. In addition to Bellydance, Anni has attended weekly classes of Flow-Arts, Popping and Commercial Dance. Anni has taken part in two international dance productions: Alexis Southall's (UK) Juniper Project in England (2018) and Polina Shandarina's (RUS) staging project in Helsinki, Finland (2018). Anni is a dancer and one of the choreographers of Nox Mente, a dance group that combines Fusion Bellydance to Flow-Arts.

Anni is a certified Integrated Dance Instructor, which is a program created by Ashley Lopez (USA). The main focus of the program is to coach teachers and dancers who can adapt anatomic knowledge in their training and apply different teaching methods to suit different kind of learners. More information from the program's website:


Autumn 2020 Anni did a vast course on Bellydance history: Oriental Map organized by HAMSA organization and spring 2021 Anni gratuated as a PilatesHealth instructor (mat pilates part 1). Anni wants constantly to educate herself to provide most updated information to her students and to develop her skills as a instructor.


Anni Dohlen is a versatile artist whose creativity blooms through various art forms. At the moment Anni mainly teaches Dark Fusion Bellydance to metal music and with a dark pagan theme. Whenever there's time, Anni creates paintings and crafts. Mystic worlds and the beauty of nature work as vessels for creativity. In her work she often depicts animal skulls, which represent the natural flow of life, not death. As a theme, the circle of life and the balance in nature, is highly visible in her work. Anni has a Master's Degree in science and before starting as a full time artist she worked as a researcher for five years in the field of cell biology.